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Monday, August 20, 2007

Top Ten of Nano Products

1. Tiny Chips Are Suddenly Hip - Apple Computer's iPod Nano Click>>

2. Fat Busting With Nanotech - Shemen Industries Canola Active Click>>

3. Tootsie Roll's Nanotech Nemesis - O'Lala Foods Choco'la Chewing Gum Click>>

4. A Nanotech Facial - Zelens Fullerene C-60 Face Cream Click>>

5. A Nano-ville Slugger- Easton Sports Stealth CNT Bat Click>>

6. Casual Apparel With Nano-Style - Nanotex Click>>

7.Stink-Proof Nano Soxs - ARC Outdoors, ArcticShield Socks Click>>

Shiny Happy Homes

8. Behr NanoGuard Paint; and
9. Pilkington Activ Glass

10.Cleaner Air Through Science - NanoTwin Technologies, NanoBreeze Air Purifier


Reference: Josh Wolfe, Forbes/Wolfe Nanotech Report from or Click


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