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Monday, August 20, 2007

Top Ten of Nano Products

1. Tiny Chips Are Suddenly Hip - Apple Computer's iPod Nano Click>>

2. Fat Busting With Nanotech - Shemen Industries Canola Active Click>>

3. Tootsie Roll's Nanotech Nemesis - O'Lala Foods Choco'la Chewing Gum Click>>

4. A Nanotech Facial - Zelens Fullerene C-60 Face Cream Click>>

5. A Nano-ville Slugger- Easton Sports Stealth CNT Bat Click>>

6. Casual Apparel With Nano-Style - Nanotex Click>>

7.Stink-Proof Nano Soxs - ARC Outdoors, ArcticShield Socks Click>>

Shiny Happy Homes

8. Behr NanoGuard Paint; and
9. Pilkington Activ Glass

10.Cleaner Air Through Science - NanoTwin Technologies, NanoBreeze Air Purifier


Reference: Josh Wolfe, Forbes/Wolfe Nanotech Report from or Click

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Scanning Probe Microscopy and Nanotechnology Revolution

The importance and timeliness of materials science and engineering in the emerging fields of nanoscience and nanotechnology, driven by the electronics and biotechnology industries cannot be overstated. There is a big gap between the scale of individual molecular structures and the sub-microscopic components on microprocessors. That gap, which spans from about one nanometer to several hundred nanometers (1-100 nm), is where fundamental properties of materials are defined. Using SPMs, scientists and engineers can presently "see" and analyze the atomic and molecular landscapes of material surfaces. SPM-based force-feedback instruments are under development to manipulate nanostructures and "feel" and move the atoms and molecules on a material surface. The evolution of nanoscience and nanotechnology, resulting in better control over the way atoms and molecules assemble into tiny structures; will make possible in the near future an unprecedented technological capability to develop novel materials and advanced materials processes at the molecular and possibly atomic scale.